Monday, October 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities: Part 2 or "Felithx' Memory Lives On"

[Read Part 1 here]

City Two: Dunedin

This weekend in Dunedin a congregation of peculiar people assembled. That is, the Mormon-folk. And for five two-hour long broadcasts, to be precise. I was numbered among them, and found the content therein excellent. (This conference, broadcast worldwide, features speakers selected from the church's leadership, including messages from our prophet. The actual event took place last weekend, but we record the proceedings via satellite and air them one week later.)

During the Sunday afternoon session, I looked to my right to check on Esky - asleep on the pew and snoring, and to my left - to where my husband and mother-in-law were both seated. At this particular moment, I was the only member on the pew awake, it seemed. (Like I said, the sessions are on the long side. Add to that the fact the room was overheated, dimly lit, and that both the MIL and Haki had worked some long hours preceding the screenings - a little eye-heaviness is understandable). I smiled, grateful to have them beside me.

The current speaker closed, and the next speaker took his place at the pulpit. He had not long been talking when I noticed Haki perked up. I didn't recognise the speaker as being someone we had listened to before, and so was uncertain as to why Haki was responding this way to him.

The speaker was Jairo Mazzagardi.

I wasn't left to wonder, as Haki leaned over and whispered in my ear, eyes wide, "He sounds like the guy in the mall in Christchurch!" I looked back to projector screen and listened, smiled, and then looked back to my husband's enthusiastic, highly alert face. He then tipped his forehead towards me and raised his eyebrows in an expression that authoratively declared, "You can't doze during a cute little puppy dog's address."

This brings me to my wonderful news! Now you can listen to what Haki has termed an irresistably-cute lisp here - and you weren't even with us in the mall that day!
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