Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eight Bits at 8:00

  1. I'll give you tum shots when the tum indisputedly surpasses my hiders. Until then, it's a joke.
  2. Lucius has settled into a routine...which involves spending most of his time outside. But he comes home, and he lets Esky pet him. That's enough. (Note: I am moderately disappointed that no neighbour of mine has reported a Ninja sighting. How hard were they looking, really? I've replaced him with a doppleganger, and no calls to report?)
  3. I read all three books in the Hunger Games series last week. (Emphatic review to follow when Haki's finished with them.) What do you mean they were one of his 30th presents and I should have left them to him to read first? Pah - he took way too long. I had heard too much about these (you all know who you are!) and waited long enough...the waiting list at the library is something from the Chronicles of Ridiculous, I'm telling you.
  4. I won't be having another anatomy scan of my ute anytime soon. Unless this baby's really late, like Esky was, and one is required. I'm not converted to liking the "surprise" game so much (if the radiologist called me now and said, "I was kidding, you're having a..." I would totally welcome it), as accepting that if she couldn't see, she couldn't see. I've taken inventory of the neutral clothing we've already got, and internally coached myself, "We have enough, we can do it this way." Plus, another scan doesn't guarantee conclusive results...not to mention that the shortage of radiologists in Dunedin don't need CNP-mothers-to-be getting second scans just so they can plan better. Okay, it would be motivated by more than that...I feel more connected when I know, and I feel like I have a season to enjoy daydreaming (with specifics) before the reality of night feeding / milk coming in / healing sets in. I just won't have that this time...or, I'll daydream for both possibilities, right?
  5. On Sunday, I was called as the Primary President at church. Translation for non-Mormon folk: My assignment has changed so that I oversee the church teaching and activities of all the children at church...before I was on the team that did this....and before that, was serving elsewhere.
  6. Have you ever vacuumed outside? I recommend it. I don't care if it sounds like madness...vacuuming the walls and door surrounding the deck was the best way to rid it of the spiders and webs that coated it like halloween frosting.
  7. On our most recent date night, Haki and I laughed our way through a series of blunders; a) Haki planned for us to see the next Harry Potter intallment, with a session time and babysitter and everything...when it wasn't showing yet (Haki doesn't often plan our dates...but when he does...well!); b) we changed the plan to going out to a fancy dinner using a super-discount voucher and drove out to Port (where we used to live and work) find the restaurant closed; c) we redirected to another fine establishment, another voucher in hand, arrived to find it open and ordered promptly (famished) be informed the voucher was for another franchise by the same name...i.e. no discount; d) the cookies that came with our iced chocolates were burnt (and I mean black - why send the cookies, I say? No cookies is much better than burnt cookies!)
  8. ...I'm certain I was sitting with the most handsome and charming man in the room, and so everything seemed perfect.
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