Friday, November 19, 2010

Esky cracks the 1.5

How could I rightly wish for a single thing when, after already finding and forever-wedding my sweetheart, I was sent this little human?
  • recognised blue ("boo") as her first colour, and purple second.
  • kisses everything from Lily to Lego...
  • ...that is, except me. There are few things funnier in this little girl's world than denying me a kiss when I've requested one.
  • always ensures her dolls are comfortable.
  • gets hayfever.
  • regularly lays on her tummy, propping her face up on her hand/s to look at things down low - say...Lucius hiding under a chair, or a toy that's rolled under the couch. From this position, she then often proceeds to talk to the creature/item she is looking at, as though issuing instructions.
  • only needs to see me/Haki do something once for it to worthy of imitation and repeated replication. This is mostly great...and often amusing; when she attempts to blow up a balloon / fold washing. Times it is not so great: When Esky repeatedly pokes my legs with tweezers because she saw me pluck a single ingrown hair from there two weeks ago / when Esky stands on tip toes to clumsily dip her fingers in my lenses case then attempts to gouge her open eye.
  • kneels quietly for family prayer between me and Haki every morning and night. Here she's waiting for me to join her and Papa on "knees!" at our usual morning spot (by the door before Haki leaves for work)...but I could not resist a short camera-retrieval delay...I mean, look at her.
  • is 18 months old tomorrow. 18 months.
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