Thursday, November 25, 2010

Five Bad Ideas at 5:00

Bad Ideas:
  1. Carrying a beloved borrowed laminator, and all in creation you wish to laminate, down a flight of concrete, slick stairs in the rain. Pregnant. Add being clumsy by birth. (I fell. I fell gooooood. It's okay, the laminator is fine.)
  2. Deciding striped long johns are perfectly appropriate all-day attire while you laminate...after all, you live in the country.
  3. Neglecting to write in your diary when some workmen said they'd come calling "sometime next week" to survey your property for a new sewerage system being installed. The laminator was hot...the long johns were not. Hello, "sometime." Apparently I'm one of thoooose country folk.
  4. Offering your daughter her first candy cane in appreciation of her patience while you label every item within the Primary cupboard. (Oh, I knew it would be sticky, but I never could have anticipated the volume of pink drool such a sucker would cause to speckle and streak all things within a 20 metre radius.)
  5. Cutting your nails (short short) the night before you go to stick labels on every item within the Primary cupboard...with double-sided tape. You know, the kind with the backing you peel off; the impossibly thin backing? You know?
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