Monday, November 29, 2010

Five Dislikes at 5:00

  1. The time I posted seven items for my "Eight at 8:00." That time was last week. /headshake of self-disgust (Oh, I've fixed it since, don't you worry.)
  2. Moths of the night so big I can hear them flying into the window pane (in pursuit of the light in the kitchen I type from).
  3. Haki's disinterest in reading Catching Fire after finishing The Hunger Games (and smartly).
  4. Loaning my books to just anybody; there are serious and unbending rules about the way one should treat a book. In spite of my belief that people should be kindly encouraged to read more - the rules, they are unbending - I respect them.
  5. Returning laminators to their rightful homes.
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