Friday, November 5, 2010

The Lighthouse Garden Tour - November 2010

a.k.a. A Pop Quiz for My Mother

I like living on half an acre of semi-wild. The "wild" part is mostly because we let some of the weeds we think are pretty grow. And some that are not pretty, but neither of us has yet pulled them out. Back to the first kind - my mother says it's only a weed if I say it's a weed...but sometimes I look at something, and think, "You're noxious...but sort of pretty." So it's complicated.

Right now, this very moment, these are blooming:
...and these (daisies count):
...and these:...and you might want to sit down for the next one...because this blooming beauty is the first thing you'd see if you came to visit us:
...and then you get to go under it and through this gate:
...and that, my dears, is one of the many reasons we didn't mind the leaks, rats, renegade chooks and pigs on exploration duty so much. Isn't it wonderful?

What's that, you see peeping through there? Beyond the gate?

It's the rest of the wood from the gum tree that got the chop, Labour Weekend. See how that beast was killing the hedge behind it? It was. It's now lots of wood for Haki to stack.
I made my pretty stack of medium-sized logs by the door as a token gesture.
Back to the garden tour. These little flora trinkets remind me our plum tree will soon be in season...
...and right alongside those hanging decorations, one can smell this:
...which is one of the three or four things I actually know the name of in this series. Jasmine. See, I'm not bluffing. (Yes, my mother is a landscape designer. I learned very little.)

Now, is this a weed, pray tell?
And these are high up in the trees...and therefore, I rule them, "Not a weed:"
Judicious, yes?

  • I was going to work in some overly-cheesey allusion about "The not a Secret Garden," but then I found she has a secret. And not just a made-up secret I tell visiting children (like my answers to "What's under the deck?" and "What's through the little door?"), but a true blue secret...which deserves a post in its own right. I won't blame you if you camp out next to your screens in anticipation.
  • I'm bummed that a picture I took of my favourite tree is lost to me. I think I deleted it believing I'd safely copied it to its appropriate folder from the "Camera Dump" folder. I'm bummed because it only bloomed for about a week in breathtaking blossoms before turning brown, and very not-breathtaking. Humph. Also, I wanted a "looking forward to" shot of this tree - the tree where we will add a swing for Esky, and all other swingers. Not the rude kind. Well, maybe the rude kind, because I don't think we'd discriminate if you cared to visit and participate in some wholesome recreational activity, but I don't think I know any swingers. Anyone care to speak up? Come be a swinger on my swing? Well, don't do your swinging-swinging right then, but you know what I mean. Do you? Anyway, it looks like we'll have to wait until next year for a photo of those blooms. Alas. [I FOUND THE PICTURE! SEE IT HERE]
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