Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ways I am low maintenance:
  • I cut my own hair.
  • I hammer my own nails and open my own jars. Well, most of them.
  • I've never had a manicure or pedicure.
  • Not even for my wedding day. My wedding dress was made for me for $100. That about sums up the beautiful simplicity I opted for, overall.
  • I budget.
  • I op shop when I need something.
  • I am still wearing many of the clothes I had in high school.
  • I usually enjoy a kebab, some sushi or a gourmet burger as much as a meal at a fancy restaurant.
  • I cook and clean and whatnot.
  • I prefer jewellery that is handmade and quirky to gold or diamonds.
  • Did I mention my hair? I don't get tints or foils or waves or dyes or straighening.
  • I don't even own a hair dryer.
  • I don't mind friends that don't visit or call, so long as you're fun when we're together. If you comment on one of my posts, you're pretty much exceeding my expectations.
I'm not saying these things are bad. I'm just saying this is me. Many could argue the state of my nails is appalling...I don't know. /shrug ...as for the self-cutting, remember, I have curls. /wink

Ways I am high maintenance:
I'm confident Haki would have a few more bullets for list two. As you might. And it's clear not all bullets are of equal weight...thus rendering a count-up of each list and weigh-in meaningless.
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