Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Hands on Deck

Drawers aren't all I've been painting, no-ho-siree!

Over the past few weeks, I have scraped, sanded, washed, painted and top-coated our deck...a deck in desperate need of such things.

When we moved in, many of the deck's boards were so soft you could push your finger into them. The property managers sent a fix-it man to replace those...and after his visit, our deck was made up of a mixture of new unpainted boards, older replaced but painted boards, and very old painted and peeling boards. That is, our deck was like that.

Above: I have started the scraping, at this stage. Esky's "paintwork" is at stage right - a watery picture painted with her own brush.

Highlights of this operation:
  • Esky's patience.
  • I had just finished painting the two boards closest to the living room ranch slider. Esky sat perched on my knee indoors...then I noted a missed spot a few boards out. I did a funny tip toe hop to the board and ran the brush over it. I turned around to see a wrinkley-faced Esky standing on the freshly-painted boards closest the door. I scooped her up and washed her green feet in the sink while she cried - mostly out of confusion. It amused me greatly that she stayed where I told her the entire time until those final boards...but then, I didn't say, "You stay here..." that time - so it's my fault. Glad it happened. You don't see green feet that cute every day.
  • Placing the clothes horse out onto the "new" deck and hanging clothes in bare feet. Good-bye jabby, scratchy, crunchy, peely stuff! You lose.
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