Thursday, November 4, 2010

Painted Drawers

This week, a kind friend gifted us a set of drawers for the new baby's clothes.

She even delivered them to our door.

Yesterday, I painted them.

Not because they were ugly...but because they had a very dark stain...and were destined to join a room filled with mostly white furniture, and lots of neutral decor.

VoilĂ .

I mean, it's not like I did this...but I'm pleased with my efforts. Especially considering Haki's reaction; "So, who are these for? Because I like putting my clothes in trendy drawers." That's a win.

After our scan, Monday, I'll (hopefully) know whether boy's or girl's clothes are to fill these....and I can make labels...and...and... /deep breath.

Oh, how baby-nesting trumps as all other types of nesting. I think. Maybe I should make a list of all nesting types and rank each according to pleasure derived thereby... /trailing off and writing in the air with my finger.

P.S. Is anyone disappointed my post wasn't about painted underwear? Anyone? Anyone?

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