Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I wish for, for Esky

...that she doesn't "need," but gosh darnit they're neat.

A - A splat mat. So awes' - for laying out under playtables, portable highchairs - anywhere splats may be caught.
B - The faithful ol' Magna Doodle is what I intend to be "the" Christmas gift for Esky this year. It will rock. her. world.
C - Tone bells. Wow. Because I want to raise my very own Esky Musical-Einstein.
D - We collect finger puppets...but if I could be so greedy, I'd welcome Ernie the handpuppet as an addition to our home...especially given Haki's excellent impersonation of said muppet. Exxxcellent.
E - I wish for Esky to know my joy. The Slinky is a thing of legend. And my childhood. Tubular! Literally.
F - Mr Potato Head = Possibly not for Esky so much as for me. Love that spud.
G - My niece introduced me to Candy Land, and I look forward to this being Esky's first board game - if you haven't played it (I hadn't!) it requires no reading and minimal counting skills.
..colour recognition is all one really needs!
H - Esky doesn't have a toy drum. They're pretty standard, surely. /wink
I - Food Face. So, so fun! A couple of these plates for the family = many a night of joy.
J - Add this to the other clichés (B, E, F, H) I'm more than happy to be a sheep about. They're not just for boys either - I hammer my own nails, remember?
K - Because Esky's colour recognition is getting pretty good, I think Twister would really light her up. Also, a win-win for me.
L - Toms shoes - so styley, plus, for every pair purchased one pair goes to a child in need; one for one.
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