Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wishin' and Hopin'

Haki has been working until 8:00pm or so most weeknights (except Monday) for some time now. I said has been, would-be home invaders. This has all changed because we are buying a high speed, super-powered Apple computer for Haki to work on at home in the evenings - after spending time with his family. (That's me...and Esky! We are pretty fortunate.)

Haki has taken advantage of this large Apple purchase...by bundling with it an iPhone. Arguably not a "need." As many of you know, I am pretty frugal. Furthermore, I'm very much content with what I have - I really am not wanting for much of anything...my life is gooooood.

And yet, Haki's latest addition to the family (I refer to his new phone with the affection to which it will become accustomed, given its new owner's love for it), has led me to think of all the things I really, really like...and most definitely don't "need." I know, this kind of thinking isn't healthy.

If no more than to share my fancies with you, here is the things I don't need or desperately want...but given the sum of an iPhone to splash out soley and selfishly on meeeee, I'd be looking at these pretty things...

(click to enlarge)

Haki, you are most welcome to take note.

A - Women at the Well, by Kenneth Cope - I'd be tickled to own the soundtrack OR the musical score.
B - Operation and Taboo are two games I'd love to add to our collection.
C - Shabby Apple's Ingrid dress would be lovely. Moreso when I'm not carrying a growing child in my ute.
D - Word on fashion street is that mascara (my only make-up love) should be replaced every few months. Aw yeah. Probably should do that at least once a year.
E - Remember my Living Room Makeover? And how I thought a rug would really seal the deal? I still think that.
F - Retro and styley plastic cups would be great...instead of our current selection of glass / mug / sippy cup.
G - Add to (F) a plastic, coloured pitcher, while we're paintin' dreams - so charming for serving up summer lemonade.
H - I will probably never have one of these, but since we were getting carried away...
I - Our main throw in the living room is getting a little worse for wear. This one's perty.
J - Classical music. We don't have nearly enough, and it's so good for your brain. It'd be nice to help my brain...and Esky's.
K - Yes, I like family games.
L - "Completely ridiculous and unnecessary," according to Haki, and therefore a wishlist item...I'd really enjoy removing the uber-common, outdated white handles on all our bedroom drawers (kindly gifted to us) with some black ones like this. That's 15 of those, please.
M - I shouldn't really delve into crafty-folks' realms too often, because there are plenty of things I don't "need" to be found. Take this bangle from Chavah Kinloch, for example. I likey. May this represent one of many, many gorgeous things I encounter around the webiverse.
N - Our alarm clock is ugly. But we have an alarm clock. Also, cellphones that we use as alarm clocks 99.5% of the time. So really, I just want this because it's hotness and would really go with my black-handled drawers and painted drawers.
O - I've been posting for years. And I'm pretty into science fiction. Due to the risk of EMPs and the like, I'd like to have some paper journals to show for all my blogging efforts. Call me old-fashioned.
P - Another item for after the baby and post-baby weight-loss period...this Sailor Swimsuit from For Luna is rad. And if it were mine, it would also mean I would have a swimsuit to replace my current pair of togs...which I have had since I was 16. 16, people.
Q - Haki saw this and said, "What? We have a heatpump." Oh, you sweet boy, that is not an air con unit...that is a laminator - and every ex-teacher now-mother with CNP should have one. Wait, did I just class that as a "need?" It's still not. But pretty cool.

Tune in tomorrow, when I covet on Esky's behalf!
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