Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eight Flash Mobs at 8:00

Watching a Flash Mob, even if only after the fact and on video, always gets me all tingley with excitement.

Here's eight of 'em (well, technically nine...):
  1. There are a couple of great ones on Bondi Beach. This is my favourite.
  2. Here's one with a great opener, in San Fran.
  3. One with a very groovy starter group, Damsquare.
  4. A solid Sydney example.
  5. Butterfly-inducing in Belgium.
  6. Something different, in Manchester.
  7. A US version of what was recently staged in our very own Christchurch.
  8. And lastly, one in my hometown, Dunedin - with the starting dancer being one of the kiddilicks I used to pick up after school! Go Puddleduck!
Likin' what you see? Check out the comments for more links! (Ann's link is awesome!)

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