Monday, December 6, 2010

Five Endings at 5:00

  1. We wrapped up our six-month-long marathon of watching all six seasons of Lost on Wednesday. (Aren't those some tidy numbers? Knock yourself out creating an average from them, I dares ya!) Also, go ahead, talk about it around me now. What, you're over it? Oh.
  2. I resumed my duties as child-watcher extraordinaire (read: "glorified babysitter") at the beginning of last week...but it was for one week only, while the kiddilicks' mama was away. So it's already over. Esky loved every minute of that toddler-lovin' trio's company. We spent much of the time at the park and library.Oh, how they marvelled at all an 18-month-old could do that she could not 6 months ago. Highlight: Puddleduck and Roo invited Esky to join them at a small table with a plastic dinner set laid out neatly at each spot. Esky obliged. Then Puddleduck and Roo proceeded to pretend to dine together. Esky furrowed her brow, unable to make sense of the cruel trick playing out before her.
  3. We bought a single bed for Esky's room. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  4. I have finished Christmas shopping for my child. Magnadoodle; check.
  5. I think I am officially done laminating now. For the month, at least.
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