Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Five Gripes at 5:00

(don't worry, I still appreciate that when it comes to life, I've got it made);
  1. My tooth aches. One of my only two fillings fell out...again. They warned me this might happen...that the cavity is so small there's not a lot for for the filling to adhere to...or "bite," if you will /snickers...snickers....snickers.
  2. How many times will I sulk in my life about the imbalance of chores in the household? It's not the imbalance I mourn so much as my inability to get over the imbalance - that's really lame.
  3. Meat fat is the worst kind of fat to clean up. I hate washing meat-fat off of dishes. Hate it. It's enough reason not to cook fatty meat, in my book. Eck.
  4. MMORPG's are pretty much the debil. Yes, I meant to type a "B."
  5. Why don't I have a private photographer to take pictures of me like this?
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