Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Five Laughs at 5:00

Well, I laughed.
  1. On Saturday, a 4-year-old girl I see at least once a week rubbed by tummy and said, "Your tummy is getting bigger!" The 4-year-old's mother then explained, "Ange is pregnant - there's a baby in there," and the 4-year-old's face lit up with understanding. It was then that I realised, previous to her mother's clarification, she was just letting me know she'd noticed I'd let myself go.
  2. One night last week, Esky was so busy concentrating on drinking milk from a cup (and it was covering most of her face while tipped), and trying to walk at the same time, that she ran into the kitchen cupboards. Her face got covered in milk. Her lashes were speckled with it. The rest was paint and puddle. Sputtering and wet, the girl frantically pointed to the cupboards and floor with concern that that mess needed to be cleaned up.
  3. On Friday, I made a surprise trip up to Oamaru to see my brother and his family for an afternoon (they had driven down from Christchurch). While there, we took the kids to the local library, where a colouring-in station had been set up. Tajah (5), finished shading in the last of Santa's beard green, then addressed her masterpiece at its base. She then slid the picture across the table to my brother and said, "It's for you, Dad!" Jeremy picked up the page, squinted, and his mouth pulled up on one side as he snickered, "Dude?!" Tajah looked confused. She is still learning to spell "Daddy."
  4. Esky swaddles her dolls, routinely. Last week she attempted to swaddle Lucius while he ate his breakfast. He did not object.
  5. Our Music Leader often asks the Junior Primary Children to pick a consonant, and then leads them in singing that consonant plus the vowels up the scale in warm-up...e.g. L-scales = "La, Le, Li, Lo, Lu." The same boy that shared he had a friend named "Frank" requested the next consonant we sing the vowel-scales to be "X."
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