Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homemade Memory Game

This post over at Say Yes to Hoboken was the inspiration for one of Esky's Christmas presents (she got her Magna Doodle, but I also made her a few small things). I made a matching set for her grandmother's house too (only with different colour backs for the cards).

I selected images I loved and knew she would be able to name...and then of course made sure I had an appropriate range of colours, shapes, and object types, to not only satisfy my inner-whatever-you-want-to-call-it...but because Memory is better with diversity, yes? (I made sure our favourite "c[l]ock" featured!). I then resized all of the images to be matching in size, paid way too much to have them printed at a printshop...

...and then carefully (oh-so-carefully...for hours) cut them out to be identically sized and centred. (Here they're stacked in their pairs.)

For their reverse, I cut out triangles from coloured paper (blue on bottom, so you can ensure all cards are the right-way up from face-down), acid-free stuck them to their picture-fronts, and then laminated....and cut again.

It turns out this was quite a time-consuming project, with my approach.

It would have been so much easier and better if I'd just followed Liz's tutorial. /head shake at self

It also would be better if all of the cards were facing the right way in the photo...but I had to take it fast...before the Eskinator came and saw the finished product, laid out on display, pre-Christmas (post written last week).
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