Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Let's Pretend...!"

I loved reading all of your comments about how you've made Santa / St Nick a part of your Christmas traditions - really, really loved reading them. I am also relieved to know the Grinch-police are doing their duty, /winking at those who know who they are.

In case I was unclear, I was never considering crossing over into the anti-Santa camp; in fact, my question was posed thus, "to go all-out in upholding and recreating the lore, wonder, and magic...aaand commercialism and distraction of Santa
...or not." Because when I do something...I tend to go "all-out"...and so I wondered what angle I should be taking. All-out embracing Santa as he is, all-out historical incorporation, or all-out honesty, "We're pretending, because it's fun to pretend!"

I also think children are pretty resilient, and that there are a multitude of avenues parents may take that will result in happy memories - whatever you're doing, I'm sure it works for you and your family.

Thank you to those who helped me generate a brainstorm to consider what will work for mine. Because, like I say...I don't do things in halves...and so would like to put a little thought into what will become years of super-traditions!

And because you deserve a treat for your input, here's a picture of Haki as Santa.
Our verdict (for those who care):
I have no issue with children exercising their imagination muscles, nor do I fear my children incapable of believing in Santa and Christ. I do, however, want to ensure the balance is right in our home (namely, that Christ is remembered), and further, want to be one my children can look to for a straight answer when it comes to things they are not sure about...which means, if asked about Santa, I will answer, "This is one of the things we pretend / act out / improvise - like dragons, Superman and being pilots in when we're sitting in refrigerator boxes," and then I will go all-out in my pretending, educating and incorporating. Similarly, when asked about Christ, I can then bear my testimony, "He lived and lives now; it's not just a story." You are most welcome to disagree with this plan of attack, but as for me and my house, (/wink wink), we will be doing it this way.

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