Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What a difference 3 weeks makes a.k.a. Fine, you can see my (covered) belly

It's official; hiders = surpassed. See the hiders doin' their work at 20 weeks? There's no hope of you knowing I'm with child while wearing that vest. And without it, it was still ambiguous, I assure you. Three weeks on and a snug shirt are the remedy.

And for those who have joined SK after Esky warmed then vacated the ute, I hereby advise you pictures of greater quality are not forthcoming; I rely on mirror-shots and the self-timer for 98% of the photos I have of me due to the lack of a willing+capable photographer. I have one of each...exclusively.

I.E....Haki takes a single picture - "That's it. You look great." And hands me back the camera. I preview the frame he's just captured and one or more of the following is always true: a) my eyes are closed; b) my head is not in the shot; c) it is blurry; d) I have seven chins.
And as for Esky...well, we've seen her handiwork.

Notes for the Hard-core Voyeurs:
  • Yes, the second picture was taken before the Christmas tree was up. I'm standing in its spot.
  • Why yes, those are the drawers I painted, in the first picture. They're placed at the end of Esky's cot...still sans one-wall and standing as a side car to our bed. Yup. It's true.
  • You can see Haki's super-computer, stage left, in the second picture. It's "super," apparently.
  • Haki is not at the is quite clear he has just vacated the couch behind me, as it is clearly set in his very exact "Haki couch configuration" -- pillows propped for lying length-ways, refreshments atop it. The two pillows stacked at the end are the ones I regularly retrieve from the Haki couch configuration in an effort to preserve their shape and cleanliness. Haki drools when he couch-naps. And the couch configuration demands the pillows be contorted into weird, body-hugging moulds to optimise Haki's viewing pleasure...moulds unfit for my favourite cushions. I am a prude.

P.S. A reader practically bribed me into posting these photos. Seriously. She generously sent me...I mean...Esky a Nelson Mandela finger puppet and then casually asked when The Tum shots were coming. Who ignores the Mandela? Not Esky, not I.

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