Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bubble Solution Perfection

This is our "Bubble Stuff" tin - a repurposed and covered wafer tin containing all our bubble blowers, bottles and trays.
Haki has already pointed out the "f's" aren't quite right, so save your fingers the typework, peop's.

Given how often Esky points at this tin and cries, "Bawbawls?! Bawbawls?!" (usually clapping her hands and patting her chest with excitement), and how often I then concede a bubble session is in order...the initial supply of store-bought bubble solution has indeed run out. When this happens, you just squirt some dish detergent and water into the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bottle to replace it, right?


I have discovered that unless then ratio is right, there's just sputter and disappointment.
  • Being serious about our bubbles in this 'ere household, I was not to be thwarted;
  • being a stinge, I was not buying more itsy bitsy teeny weeny bottles of premade solution;
  • being a nerd, I Googled recipes and experimented...and toyed with the idea of presenting my findings in a science project format, but have counselled myself against it. Be disappointed, be very, very disappointed.
  • ...and being a giver, I want to share it with you all, and have at least one person in the world have better bubble-blowing experiences as a result. One? Anybody? Don't tell me you all already make superb bubble solution.
Our Bubble Solution:
Perfect for a fair-weathered Dunedin Summer's day
  1. Flick the jug on to boil.
  2. Place two heaped spoons of white sugar into the bottom of an average-sized mug.*
  3. Pour over boiling water to fill mug to approximately 2cm high. Stir until sugar is dissolved.
  4. Squirt in an equal measure (to the sweet solution) dish detergent.~
  5. Aiming for a final ratio of 1:5, detergent:water, top mug up with cold water, stir.
  6. Use a funnel to pour into bubble containers, if that's your bag.
*The sugar helps to have better futures - as tougher, stronger, longer lasting creations. The anonymous people of the interwebs told me so. Plus, I'm telling you now, I've tried it, and it's true, so there's no arguing.
~Which dish detergent you use will affect the outcome, of course; currently we're using the pink Silk one (Rose Petal scent). I can add notes on variations to this recipe after trying other brands, and you, yooooou, the good people of the webiverse, are uberwelcome to comment on how much Palmolive-or-whatever yoooou uuuuse. Apparently your climate will affect your results too...so note that in your sharing, if you would.
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