Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Five Anatomy Parts at 5:00

A bunch of body bits:
  1. My heel - what I recently crouched to perch upon at a supermarket self-check-out whilst I pretended to retrieve dropped coins upon realising, awful suddenly, I quite possibly was going to pee my pants.
  2. Esky's epidermus - pox free, despite mixing with many a Chicken-Poxed household these past two months.
  3. Haki's face - what he planted on the floor when attempting to vault his way over the couch on his way out of the lounge for a snack. Esky and I kept playing Memory, unphased, as he sprung back up, blushing. Later on I realised I'd missed quite an opportunity when I'd heard the thump and glimpsed the bashful recovery, so asked him to replay the incident for me. He obliged.
  4. These bones - turn 28 today. /lone-party-blower-in-an-abandoned-warehouse-sound
  5. My brain - is short on oxytocin these days...what with Esky transitioning to her bed full-time for night-time sleep without me this week. She's taking it better than I am.*

*If you're co-sleepers approaching this milestone, feel free to comment or email with questions / comments / outpouring of your soul. I get that it's a big deal in your world...and that you can do a lot of agonising over how to do it. My method (still ongoing) involves a sleep diary, phasing, lots of conversation, and a small stuffed elephant by the name of Lily. x
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