Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five Successes at 5:00

  1. I finally have a bowl wide and shallow enough to catch all of the popcorn as it shoots and bounces out of the popcorn maker. That's not all, the bowl cost me four bucks. Plus, Esky likes unsweetened popcorn. Victory!
  2. My dear MIL gave me a Spotlight voucher for my birthday. One of the many things I took home after a lengthy shop to spend it (with an amiable Esky) was a springform cake tin. Before said shop, I lacked any cake tin; I'd been using casserole dishes and other poor alternatives for years now...with results to match. This week I made my first cake in a cake tin (banana, thanks for asking), and it was cooked through perfectly, and came out in one piece. Life-changing.
  3. We went to another couple's place for a delicious dinner last week, followed by a game of Pictionary. Is it wrong to use the word "stomped," in a sentence describing how you won over your friends? Because I'm struggling to find another. I'm sorry. And we won the second game. By a lot.
  4. Haki requested Crème Brûlée be made with all the left-over cream we had after the festive season. "As you wish," my love. Plus, I got the topping sugar to harden perfectly - so that a tap-tap made it crack through to a gooey custard beneath...without a blowtorch, just a good, ol' fashioned close watch of the grill turned up high. And yes, we eat them before they're completely cool, thus the need for a teatowel insulator.
  5. I confess, lately, every four or five days, I feel an intense need to play Freecell...and see the cards bounce and shatter, as though applauding my genius. I do my best to ignore the fact that this lacks the X-factor and pomp of the bouncing, streaking cards from older versions of the same game. I like the way those filled the screen and stayed there longer to celebrate meeeee.
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