Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Week, in Numbers

The time each day I've started hitting an almost tangible wall of fatigue. If it was made of something, I think it would be Pink Batts. Scratchy.

9-something in the morning
The time on Tuesday my husband flew out on business, for two weeks.

The time on Wednesday my father flew in on business, for two and a half weeks. "Pop" is staying with us. (Read here: there's still a man in the house, would-be maniacs)

1 hour
How long I made it past the scratchy wall the day my dad arrived. I fell asleep on the floor at my MIL's next to Esky - whom I'd taken there to nap on her couch after running some errands. Yes, she needed the sleep. So. tired.

How late I managed to stay up the first night of my father's visit.

When Esky woke, determined it was time for "morning cuddles."

4 hours
How far out she least. (Usually she comes in with us and sleeps for another hour or I get to sleep until about 8am - bliss, I know)

The time I settled Esky back to sleep in her own bed. I think her papa being away may have the lass unsettled.

The time I decided I would write a note to my houseguest to greet him in the morning - so I wouldn't have to.

The time I concluded, feeling wide awake, the last slice of banana cake and glass of milk would make me feel better.

The time it did.

The time I threw back two pregnancy multi-vitamins which need to be taken "with food" in an effort to validate my early morning indulgence...and perhaps ward off any further migraine visits in consequence of more sleep deprivation being heaped on top of present exhaustion.

The time, laying in bed alone, I started counting the reasons why I wasn't mad, upset, or even frustrated at being woken...or weary.

Here they are:

If anything unpleasant was induced, it was a brief spell of helplessness; desperately wanting to know what the right thing to do was in this situation. Then, I prayed sincerely to be told. Immediately I was filled with an answer, and a touch of embarrassment I hadn't thought to ask earlier.

We need never be alone.
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