Monday, January 3, 2011

Post Script on Stupidity

Why, oh whyyyyyyyy, when I slathered Esky in SPF 30 did I not give myself the same treatment?

I am now the "possibly pregnant?" lobster, wincing as I go...not due to, due to stupidity.
I haven't been burned like this since...I can't remember ever being burned like this.

In my defence, I wasn't dressed that scantily, I had sunscreen on my face, wore a hat, stuck to the shade for 80% of the day, and actually had goosebumps for half of it. Still...
...stupid. /hanging head.

The irritation is only amplified by the fact that I'm already short on sleep and overheated due to the ute-oven.

And it's a tad less than ideal that I would only like to snuggle up with a giant peeled Aloe Vera plant (no humans, thanks)
...right in time for our wedding anniversary. /weak smile...begging forgiveness

Sorry, honey.
But your eyes are rugged and manly.
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