Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Table and Blocks

When I saw this changing table at the Mosgiel Sallies, I saw not only loads of charm...but a solution to a number of problems.* It was $30. I had given myself $10 to spend as a treat during an otherwise "tight" week. Haggling to a third of the ticketed price in a charity store didn't seem appropriate. I think I sighed a little too loudly...

...because my generous, visiting dad bought the table for me. Bless him.

Personally, I don't use changing tables - preferring to use a mat on the floor. *But I was in need of a deeper shelf for Esky's room - where her shallow, less charming shelf had come unvelcroed from the wall twice to tip all its contents on the floor, narrowly missing a frightened Esky. Not cool. Brackets aren't an option in our rental. That being one problem, another being that some her favourite toys she needs to access most often don't fit on the little inferior shelf properly.

Thanks, Dad.

Having been gifted the greatest object of my day's desire, I was left with all of my $10 to spend...of which I spent $8 - on a hardcover Katharine Kerr book for Haki, an apple green bead necklace, two matching bracelets for Esky and me to wear - proudly displaying our best buddy status...got to take advantage of her being of an age where she will not object (oh yeah!), and lastly, these:

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