Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Because everybody loves a good "Before 'n' After"

Don't they? Don't they?

Remember how I went all mushy over having some yard workers come and do some serious work in The Lighthouse Garden? Well, I did.

I wasn't the only one in awe.

And boy did they take away a lot of green waste to show for their labour!
I sort of wish I'd photographed more of the overgrown, "Before" garden so I could really illustrate the wonder of this eventful day. But then, you don't do that, do you? It's pretty much the same as shouting, "Wow, I've got a lot of pimples, I should take loads of photos of my face right now."

Anyhow...I happen to have some "Before" shots of this window's outlook from that love letter-post to my kitchen;
Check out how much more light there is now, with the Jasmine and lemon tree pruned back. And the gum tree, now that I'm lookin'. Next we need to see to all those spider webs!
And with all of those branches coming off of the lemon tree, a lot of premature lemons were removed. Excess of zest and juice, comin' right up;

Another "After" pic. opportunity, in my book;
Yes, I am aware my cupcake icing looks like white dog turds. That's what I get for cutting the corner off a plastic bag and going makeshift styles. I'll get there, okay?
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