Thursday, February 3, 2011

Five Fabulous Happenings at 5:00

Fabulous happenings of the past two weeks:
  1. A dear, dear friend (and former flatmate), by the name of Tracy, surprised me with a sleepover visit whilst passing through town, and every minute in her company warmed me up - like her company was a hot cocoa. I laughed until I cried more times than I could count...and loved being around someone I could warn I thought I might pee if she didn't stop talking. Love you, Tray.
  2. Our property managers sent some grounds maintenance men to tend to the overgrown hedges and climbers around The Lighthouse garden, with the work order instructions, "Prune hedges and shrubbery...and anything else Angela requires." I almost cried as I watched two men whiz around our section working their magic wherever I pointed. It felt like my finger was shooting out powers. I had no idea how repressed I was feeling, looking out at things I couldn't stay ahead of, until I saw thorny roses tamed and Jasmine mushroom clouds transformed into shapely things. The pair of them were such gentlemen too, and cleaned up everywhere they went. Hoorah for awesome tradesmen, HOORAH!
  3. I had a daytime Primary meeting; Esky slept for all of it.
  4. Esky also slept one night, in her own bed, from 9pm until 6:30am without waking...and then came in to sleep in our bed for "cuddles" until 8:30am. Oh, may this be repeated! I can live with that. Most nights there's at least one waking around 4am for reassurance I am near; "Mama? MAMA?" She's doing well though, considering we've been so pro-attachment.
  5. My dadio (still staying with us), dropped many-a-hint about my having made Crème Brûlée for my brothers-in-law when they stayed with us...and when I caved (read: rose to the challenge) and retrieved my ramekins to prove those cracking tops and soft centres were no fluke, I succeeded, once again. If you haven't tried to make this dessert yet - dooooo eeeet!
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