Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Going Nuclear Giveaway: Question 1 (Date)

Every night, Haki pauses before the bathroom door, Esky in arms, so that she may point to each face in our Willow Tree family plaque (such a lovely gift from dear friends), naming each member of our family-to-be, one by one; "Papaaaa...Mamaaaa...[Esky]...Baby!" We're certain she doesn't truly comprehend what going nuclear will mean for her, but we're doing our best to help her anticipate this mighty change.

And now it's your turn to join in the anticipation game!

Three simple questions, three winners, three gifts to mail out.

The prize for each question's winning answer?An enlarged and matte-framed print of a digital photo of your choosing.

Each question will form a separate post; enter by leaving a comment with your guess/acute judgement. Winner for question one will be closest to the arrival time. Want someone else's date? Split the day (like calling heads or tails) into the am and pm.

Entries close March 10.

Pertinent intel:
  • Esky was due May 8 and arrived May 20. I was not induced, and gave birth..."normally" (I know this will make C-sectioners squirm, but I'd rather not use the V-word, soz)...and was pretty comfortable at the end of my first pregnancy - it felt quite "right" that she came when she did.
  • I was due to arrive Dec 25 (and thus my middle name - "Noelle"), but didn't show until Jan 12.
  • But sister (immediately after me), was born early.
  • My Baby 2 is due March 28.
  • My measurements at my scan showed the baby to be a little smaller than one would expect for my dates.
New commenters and internationals welcome!

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