Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Going Nuclear Giveaway: Question 2 (Gender)

Three simple questions, three winners, three gifts to mail out.

The prize for each question's winning answer?
An enlarged and matte-framed print of a digital photo of your choosing.

Each question will form a separate post; enter by leaving a comment with your guess/acute judgement. The winner for question two will be selected at random from all those who guess correctly (i.e. if it's a girl, all the "girl" guessers are in the draw).

Entries close March 10.

Pertinent intel:
  • There was no indication either way at our 20-week scan.
  • This pregnancy my nausea vamoosed much earlier, I encountered migraines (which I hadn't during Esky's pregnancy), and the ol' linea nigra I sported early on and throughout pregnacy one hasn't shown up at all.
  • However...the smell of eggs cooking has been the most repulsive thing both times, both times my skin has improved for the second trimester, and both pregnancies I've been sapped of all. my. iron. reserves...seemingly no matter what I do.
  • I have no gut feeling this time. I mean, I had one moment where I thought, "You're a boy?" for some reason...and that induced ah...pretty much nothing to offer you on the intuition front.
  • Feel free to come and swing a ring / obsess over how I'm carrying / comment on craving sweets...I just can't list all of the old wivesy things you might want to know here.
New commenters and internationals welcome!

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