Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Going Nuclear Giveaway: Question 3 (Weight)

Three simple questions, three winners, three gifts to mail out.

The prize for each question's winning answer?
An enlarged and matte-framed print of a digital photo of your choosing.

Each question will form a separate post; enter by leaving a comment with your guess/acute judgement. The winner of question three will be the closest guess.

Entries close March 10.

Pertinent intel:
  • Esky was 8lbs 7oz.
  • I was 8lbs somethin'.
  • Here is how my tum looks at 32 weeks:

See the tum at 20 & 23 weeks,
26 weeks and 30 weeks.

New commenters and internationals welcome!

Jump to Question 1 or Question 2.
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