Sunday, February 6, 2011


Meet Roy.

I immediately clicked through to Roy's profile;
(click to enlarge)

Unfortunately, I'm unavailable to jump on this opportunity, so thought I would do Roy the service of sharing his personal ad with other, like-minded people whom he might find to be "nice" with "beautiful [hearts]," based on their ~160x160 pixel profile pictures alone. Review his profile - I'm sure many of my female readers will find they have shared interests with this suitor. But get in quick, you've got Miranda and Daisy for competition.

Some questions I cannot resist asking:
  • Why is the "lol" where it is?
  • My name is pretty exactly did he stumble on my (limited information) profile? I don't know Miranda or Daisy.
  • At the time of receiving Roy's message, I had the profile picture you can see displayed in the right sidebar. You know, holding Esky? How did that image scream, "Get to know me, va va voom" over "Mother; taken; housewife"?
  • What's "jet skying"?
  • I can be forgiven for posting this publicly, right? I mean, c'mon..."Smith"? I'm not exactly exposing the fella (if by some minuscule chance he was genuine) to any major threat. Right?
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