Sunday, February 20, 2011

She Came, She Saw, She Demolished

In Esky's words, "Nana wenona buss."
In mine: My mother left today.

In one short week, she has done some serious damage to the weeds that were attempting to conquer The Lighthouse Garden. It would have taken me months to accomplish what she has in this time - as my bursts of effort would have been something like half an hour a day every few days, as opposed to entire days, back to back. Furthermore, I would have been tearing out strawberry plants and Honesty (which sits near the top of my "favourite flora" list) as I went - simply because I wouldn't have the patience or know-how to see them amongst the field grass overrunning many of the flowerbeds.

Allow me to illustrate;
Look at that woolsack! And check out that woman's wake! (she's working right to left here) Wow. What a trooper. And that pipe laying there? Yeah, there were a lot of things like that laying around the place - some seemingly as ornaments in past tenants' minds, others stashed in bushes or behind corners in an effort to save a trip to the dump. No more! With my parents' help, we've stockpiled all of the green waste and other random rubble ready for none other than the miraculous hedgemen who visited earlier this month. 'Yus' to the property manager's agreement to see to all of it being hauled off.

I feel a warm swelling to look out upon the garden. It was also grand to see Esky upon the woman's lap, being read to, and to have someone around who doesn't seem to mind how much I talk. She'll be back after the new arrival's...arrival (place your guesses, people!) to help out, "and to spray," she says. She's not talking about deodorant or air no, she has already mapped out Phase 2 for the gardening project. Go Momsa.
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