Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three's the Limit - A Tiny Project

There's something new on Esky's wall...

...and it's not very fancy...
...but it works.

This (laminated) chart represents the three songs I will sing to the dear one at her bedside before it's "quiet time" each night. Three, my child, THREEEEE. I tried counting down and up on my fingers, getting her to hold up her fingers, and explaining the concept of limitations in various other ways, but until introducing the velcro musical notes, the lass didn't seem to understand. The girl can put in requests for hours. So now, I fan out the notes for her to see, ask her to pick a song, then stick up a note once she's named it. Once her notes are spent, I point at the chart and blame the notes for the night's concert having reached its end; "That's three songs!" ...instead of facing those pleading brown eyes on my own.

Thank you, chart, you play an excellent "bad cop."

Top of the Esky-pops:
"Baby Song!" = "Hush Little Baby"
"Temple Song" = "I Love to See the Temple"
"Prophet Song" = "Follow the Prophet"
"Tong Tong Tong!" = A Filipino song Haki brought back from his mission about a grumpy crab
"Pawcorn" = "Popcorn Popping"
"Why man" = "The Wise Man Built his House Upon the Rock"
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