Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 Tum-related Things

Three things:
  1. It's March. I'm due in March. (Unlikely, methinks.) Nonetheless, I thought it was time for new tum shots. Want to revisit the growing tum's journey? Here are links to 20 & 23 weeks, 26 weeks, 30 weeks and 32 weeks.
  2. I must tell you about my Womama wrap. Yes, I was asked to review it - I'm not concealing this truth. But I was also told to be honest. And to be honest, this is my go-to maternity item when I want to feel decent, fast. Months on from my last mention of this snug little item, the thing I'm most impressed with, is that it's not pilling after multiple washes - YUS! And the stretchy fabric and style accommodates the tum at all stages thus far. Yes, I will be wearing this while I'm in labour. Believe it. Only downer for me, personally, is that it's too short to wear on its own...which isn't the end of the world, I've enjoyed pairing it with things...but some of these hot days it would have been nice to wear it only.
  3. One more week to enter the three giveaways I've got running relating to when this baby's coming, what parts its coming with, and just how heavy it will be. (That's three chances to win glory, honour and an enlarged and matte-framed photo of your choice!) Enter. Please. Right now the odds are still pretty good that my brother-in-law will make a winning prediction again - please do not let this happen.
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