Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eight Matters at 8:00

  1. Over the past month, we rented and watched all of The Mentalist season 2 on DVD.
  2. We're currently working our way through the final season of 24.
  3. I think if Patrick Jane and Jack Bauer worked side by side on a case, the world might implode. Also, Jane would get bruised.
  4. I got another migraine Saturday.
  5. We got out four books about new babies joining a family from the library. I'm not particularly enthused about any of them, sadly.
  6. I bought a bag of honey caramel corn on Monday afternoon. "Honey, this is for me to eat when I'm in labour, because I think you deserve treats when you're in labour," I explained, as I tucked it away next to my hospital bag.
  7. I ate an entire bag of honey caramel corn on my own Monday night. Again.
  8. I wasn't in labour.
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