Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eight Trivialities at 8:00

  1. We're all sick. We are producing mounds of used tissues. It's pretty gross. But we're safe and unshaken, can one really complain? Plus, Esky is so obliging every time her eyes or nose needs wiped - leaning in towards me and saying, "Tissue, please." Bless. her.
  2. Speaking of shaking...I don't know if I'll shop at Pak'n'Save anymore. My mother's been harping on about their overstacking for years, and I've agreed, it's not ideal, but kept on shopping there. But lately, I can't help but look up at those pallets, then to my treasured child strapped into the trolley in front of me, back to the pallets, and then at the congested aisle in front of me. There would be nowhere to go. Those pallets on top of aisle 10? Tins of cat food. Even if I round down in my calculations (say, 16 cans wide, 16 cans deep, and 6 cans tall), one of those gladwrapped parcels of doom is still approaching a tonne in weight.
  3. After the hedgemen's visit, and all of my mother's hard work on the flower beds, we learned our Property Manager was also going to have our home spider-treated. It's odd, because I struggle killing spiders (I usually carry them outside in a cup - that is, when Haki isn't home and supervising the operation), and yet I delighted in their mass murder and web removal. I'm not going to go to deep into the allegory here. Suffice to say, at someone else's hand, the same act that I find so repulsive becomes not only acceptable, but desirable. The house needed it.
  4. And if all of these outdoor improvements weren't enough, our super friend came and mowed a very large section of our lawn. On his day off. After mowing two other friends' lawns. We are super-grateful. (Did I mention our lawn is field grass? That it seems to be perpetually knee-high or higher? And that Haki usually works in the evenings, and then it's too late to start up a mower when he's through? That Saturdays we usually have church or family commitments? That we always seem to fall behind with the lawn's upkeep? So when I say he "mowed" it, you must understand he tamed a jungle.)Pruned, weeded, de-webbed and mowed - amazing. I did pretty much none of it. Yes, I left my washing hanging on the deck for the photo. You're welcome.
  5. Lately, with all of Haki's trips away and my father's trips here for work, we have made a few drives to the airport. Esky regularly refers to the "airpaaaawt" during her everyday play, and how certain individuals have, "gone away on da plane." I wonder if she thinks they sit on the plane the whole time they are gone.Here she waits, overlooking the tarmac for her papa's return.
  6. On his latest trip, my dad acted as courier for my sister in delivering a certain Charlie Brown doll, which Esky regularly holds up and reports, "New friend...Pop on da plane...Charlieeeeeeeeeee...Lucy's friend!" It's interesting to observe all of her friends are slowly being paired off.Although I have raised an eyebrow at how much time Lamb has been spending with Nala, the lion.
  7. While my dad was staying with us (he's since moved into the city), I've told you I wasn't shy about listing things he could fix. I also enlisted his help in finding a missing puzzle piece - because it perplexes me that one has been lost - this is the first play-thing we have lost. He has not found it. "Mr Fixer." Pah. It's from this puzzle...the orange piece.../stifled sob
  8. Behold, the "Cracker Catcher:"(37 weeks)
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