Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Five Sequences at 5:00

  1. When I'm making myself a PB&J sandwich, I always spread on the jam then the peanut butter so that I can use only one knife, because I still remember my dad saying to me when I was younger, "The odd person might mind a speck of jam in their peanut butter, but almost anybody would mind peanut butter in their jam."
  2. When I'm pouring myself a mixture of lemonade and juice, I always pour the lemonade first then top up with the juice - because I figure that way no stirring is required, because the bubbles are going to fight their way to the top anyway, right?
  3. Esky......with all of her "friends" in bed - getting this bunch all here initiates and ends the bedtime routine, as she knows it signals the night-time sequence when I call for a round-up of the troops, and it puts a quick end to her nightly roll-call of each by name when I can say, "They're all in bed." Previously, she would lay there and beg for me to account for the whereabouts and status of each member of her ratpack. (Their number has been growing, I might add; what was once Lily, George and Lucy has become these three plus Pig, Shiloh, Lamb and Nala...with a rumoured addition of Charlie on his way.)
  4. Saturday, I got to create a factory line of products for children from church to pack into Hygiene Kits for Christchurch. I mean, for sure, the activity was "for Christchurch," and secondly, an opportunity for the young people to serve......but there's no denying I got the most out of ordering the plan of attack and all its trappings; heaven.
  5. A few night ago, Haki... a. Stood and pointed at this:b. Permitted me all of 15 seconds to photograph it; c. Refused to allow time for me to get something for scale (I can tell you the crown moulding is more than 16cm from top to bottom); d. Got the vacuum and sucked the arachnid up using the longest extension possible; e. Was very enthusiastic about the vacuum staying turned on for a long period of time so the spider could not climb out; f. Decided a prolonged windy tunnel was not enough insurance, and appeared with small stones from outside, placed them on the floor, and told me to vacuum them up so that they would hit the intruder inside; g. Stood with an expectant look on his face when I looked at him with an, "Are you serious?" expression; h. Was not that impressed that I used the vacuum being on for a prolonged period of time as opportunity to vacuum the entire house; i. When I finished, and joked about the spider climbing out in the cupboard and laying in wait for me, happily retrieved duct tape so that I could tape the vacuum bag closed; 10. Blinked in reply to my enquiry as to whether he would take the bag to the outside bin; 11. The next day, told his mother the circle I made with my hands to indicate the spider's size was in fact the circumference of a single one of the spider's legs.
He's all mine, ladies.

I'm not kidding. I adore him all the more for his phobias.
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