Thursday, March 24, 2011

Five Theories at 5:00

Would ya look at that floor?

  1. The floor is so much cleaner when you scrub it on your hands and knees. (Cleaner than the ol' opposed to not scrubbing it at all, obviously.) I had to do this uterus sent signals to my brain that demanded it. When I was pregnant with Esky, the same signal went off precisely one day before the "I'm coming out now," signals began. Interesting? Yes. The hands-and-knees part helps, I'm sure - right, old wives?
  2. If you have your third brownie while your child is asleep and you eat it over the sink it's like it never even happened.
  3. The legibility and speed at which I produce writing upside-down may trump my tree climbing prowess. Just maybe.
  4. I think sometimes people don't confide in me because they think I won't be able to empathise or relate to having a "low day"...or season. I think the fact that I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude and love for my life most of the time makes people think I will be a poor confidante. I suspect sometimes these traits even grate on people's nerves.
  5. But I also posit, that this is precisely why I should be considered when one needs a shoulder - you don't usually call on someone else with a limp or crutch when you need to be steadied - my high tide chapter/s should be taken advantage of - I have energy reserves for a reason. Also, the fact that I seem to be happy a lot is not evidence I can't comprehend grief/pain/sorrow/frustration/anger/etc., it's a testament to the fact that those things can be overcome...because everyone's been there, me included...I'm just not there now - because these things can pass.
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