Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Host

I finished this last week.
I loved it.

I don't have a problem with admitting I read Meyer; so I read something popular and I majored in English - isn't that the way it should be? The same goes for my film tastes (major 2) - yes, I've watched Citizen Kane (/exaggerated yawn), I love Hitchcock's Rear Window, but I'll also go see Transformers with my husband...because I don't care to get all carrot-bummed about how I'm above certain things just because they are popular. Popularity often comes for a reason, peop's. The reason I won't read or see something, is because I think it won't uplift me, and will be offensive to the Spirit whose company I seek to keep; not because I need to swim upstream or make myself feel important by opting out. If you've skipped the Meyer train, that's fine, /courtesy curtsy in your direction...but I got on, and I'm glad I did.

  • Overall, The Host is more "me" than the vampire saga - but I enjoyed both worlds.
  • I agree with many who believe the writing in this stand-alone work is better, however.
  • Even the sections that others found less interesting (you know, those desert segments?) were fascinating to me, because I find it hard not to be fascinated by science fiction. I am so enthralled with SF worlds that I drink it all in like honey. Lemon and honey, actually, it's tastier.
  • I think something Meyer does well, is make her genres and subject matter appealing to those who would otherwise not dabble in either; if you aren't drawn to science fiction and grimace at the thought of aliens, this book could still be for you.
  • I hate to compare s'more, but I must...to say that the characters in The Host are not only more intriguing and believable...they're more likeable. Gar, I began to detest Bella.
  • I like the steady pace and climb of the story's arc.
  • I anticipated the ending, but there was enough detail that I couldn't have predicted to make it a satisfaction to be given what I'd hoped for, rather than a disappointment to read what I knew was coming.
  • Meyer's pretty randy.
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