Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I read these three super dupers quite a while ago...
...but because I am kind, and good, and considerate, I didn't review the series here, because my dearest one (whom I purchased the trilogy for, I might add)...(in hardback)...(advance order)...had not yet finished reading them.

And then he didn't finish.
He just stopped.
He read The Hunger Games (1), and then started Catching Fire (2), and then he just fizzed out. Who does that? With these three books? My disbelief was so great that I continued to wait for him to resume, thinking his fizzness had to be like a fever that would go away.

I thought wrong.
Haki decided, after reading the dustjacket, that Catching Fire was going to be highly political, and he wasn't into it. Pffffft. Silly boy.

So, I'm mostly over the let-down that I cannot discuss all three books in every detail with my besty. Mostly.

And for those who have been following for some time will now, when I do share my thoughts on a book, that is all I really share - my thoughts - not a lengthy synopsis or spoilers. But I get it, most of you have read them already.

So, my thoughts on these three books:
  • You should read them.
  • Haki should read them.
  • He still might read them, right?
  • These books are so very much my type of books. I cannot believe they were not thrust into my arms sooner, with an exhortation that I should read them, immediately. How many times must I tell you people I am a science fiction nut? Post-apocalyptic science fiction being my absolute favourite of favourites?
  • If you read that last bit and thought, "Eelgh, then they are not my type of book, because I am really not into that," then you are wrong. They are your type of book. See bullet 1.
  • Book one = riveting. The Hunger Games presents a literary world I am fascinated by and want to immerse myself within...not as in, I want to move there, (no thanks), but that I want to escape to it in fiction.
  • It's hard not to love a reluctant heroine.
  • The first book is still my favourite of the three, but this could have to do with the fact that I didn't eagerly wait for each installment's release - which I think would have heightened the enjoyment of the subsequent books - I read them immediately after one another, without delay. I think the wait would have helped me relish revisiting the same world more, and made the obligatory "refresher material" seem helpful instead of tedious words standing between me and narrative progress.
  • In Catching Fire, I thought we were going to see Katniss as a mentor...but I did like the turn it took.
  • Mockingjay offered less of an opportunity for me to care for the characters...and while I knew this was the inevitable climax we had been climbing towards, it didn't provide the sort of "music in my mind" I hoped for.
  • I still loved them all. I still love them all.
  • And Haki, even though I think you are making a gross error, I still love you. It's not too late to course correct. Be smart. x
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