Saturday, April 9, 2011


41 weeks and 5 days = when Esky came;
a.k.a. 12 days past the EDD.

Today is 12 days past number two's EDD.

And the baby's still on the inside
...a little like a criminal.
Only completely innocent.

And Esky came at 1am, 12 days late...making this baby officially later in showing up;

I'm sorry, this means your dates have passed too, HamiltonMum, Mariah, Katie, Lisa, Erika, Jasmine, Nat, and Florence.

And Johanna, you picked today; 41 plus 5. Time will tell. Although it'd have to be a serious sprint, at this point.

P.S. I'm mighty keen for an appearance this weekend, because the phrase "stretch and sweep" being bandied about is making me gag.
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