Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Five More Anatomy Parts at 5:00

More anatomy parts:
  1. What you can't see in my long shots of the tum, is that this pregnancy I've developed chloasma on my face. Kind friends will tell you it looks like I've just had some extra sun (I have orangey-brown skin patchiness in the shape of a butterfly on my face - brow, cheeks and nose), but I'll tell you it looks like I've wiped the back of a dirt-covered hand across my face while gardening and forgotten to wash it off.
  2. I had a serious linea nigra goin' on when I was pregnant with Esky (a dark line from the navel down) - which, like my mask of pregnancy, is a result of pumping lots of extra melanin around - but I have zero sign of one this time...and had no speckles on the countenance last time. Differeeeeeent...boy?
  3. I cut my hair two weeks ago. As in, I cut it. I do that. No one noticed. That's pretty much the way of it. It's okay.
  4. Esky has been very attached to my "tummy," and would often slip her hand up under my shirt to rest her palm on the growing bulge - mostly for the skin-to-skin, I suspect, given the fact that the commencement of her preoccupation coincided with her weaning. Over time, I've decided she's getting a little big for this practice, and that I would like her to be able to settle without needing a hand under my shirt...and there are some places you just don't want your child revealing your stretched out stomach. We do our best to avoid negative sentences, (e.g. I might say, "Let's tiptoe slowly!" instead of "No running!"). In this case, I wanted to avoid, "No touching the tummy," but this particular situation was a bit trickier when it came to devising the positive action suggestion alternative. I went with a focus on modesty, and so began saying, "Esky, you can touch my tummy (and the baby) on the outside of my clothes, and help me be modest by keeping my skin covered." Now every time she leans over to cuddle me and touches my tummy, she pulls at the base of my shirt and says, "Modest; outside." Aaaaaand, when I was sweeping up crumbs on my hands and knees the other day, she came and pulled the back of my shirt down (as my lower back was peeping out) and said, "Modest!" She gets it. /sigh of joy
  5. Sneezing is risky these days. Do I need to explain which part of the anatomy this affects? Surely not.
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