Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going Nuclear Giveaway: Winners

Thank you to all who entered! Time to find out who's getting free enlargements!

Congratulations, Johanna - your pick of April 9 was the closest to Ivy's birth day - April 12.
(there was one illegit. guess for the 11th...but it came in pretty late, so Johanna, it's you!) declares Amber as winner number two - drawn from the contingent who correctly predicted a little girl was cookin'. Brava!

And three lovely readers' guesses were two ounces off for Ivy's actual birth weight (7lbs 14oz), so I asked to decide that too; Shelley is the third winner!

Ladies, please email me a high resolution copy of the image you'd like enlarged, along with the address you'd like it posted to - I'll make the magic happen.
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