Thursday, April 14, 2011

How it all went down

Yes, it's a girl!

Baby 2 arrived at 5:00am on Tuesday April 12, weighing 7lbs 14oz.
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She shall henceforth be known in the blogosphere as Ivy - the name I intended she wear "for real" all her life, but which Haki nose-wrinkled in response to after delivery. Fortunately, I had a super-secret-reserve-name at the ready, which he took an immediate liking to, and our term-long name dilemma ended smartly after her birth. I think it helped that Haki had been banking on a little boy joining our clan, and consequently hadn't given girls' names that much thought; how many times can a husband say "no" to a woman laying on a hospital bed, right after labour? Apparently only once, in our case. Also, he really liked the second name.

Reader's Digest Version:
  • The "false start" on Monday (9 hours of labour) apparently took care of all of my early I woke to active labour (75-second contractions) Tuesday at 11:40pm.
  • I wanted to tough it out as long as possible at home - we hadn't slept the night before (due to the aforementioned first leg), and I wanted Haki to get at least a couple of hours before the event - so I waited until about 3:15am to call my midwife and let her know things were gettin' that, I mean I was having four contractions in ten minutes, all at least 75 seconds long.
  • Yeah, I left things a little late.
  • We drove a sleeping Esky to the MIL's and slipped her into bed for snugglage. She barely woke.
  • By the time we were walking into the hospital, I was having to stop and hang myself like a necktie around Haki as I weathered each contraction.
  • We arrived at the hospital at about 4:00am.
  • Ivy was born at 5:00am.
More info, but nothing too gross:
  • No pain relief used whatsoever.
  • And then the kitchen forgets me at breakfast - c'mon!
  • ...and then they didn't have lunch for me...and gave me a cold "spare" lunch at 1pm.
  • I devoured it.
  • They must have made a note of the oversight, because at dinner I was sent a tray with two mains, four desserts, an extra kiddies meal, three sides, and two pieces of fresh fruit. Apology accepted.
  • At first, Haki and I both thought Ivy looked just like Esky. After some de-scrunching, however, we've decided she's no clone after all! Quite different! Smaller ears, different eyes, smaller cheeks, less hair, and a different face shape!
  • As noted, Haki was expecting a boy. A very smitten man looked up at me and just said, "How?" and I knew exactly what he meant; "How could he feel the same intensity of love and joy all over again?" He confirmed later, in his words, it was "love at first sight," boy or no boy.
  • Esky, thus far, has been nothing but instinctively gentle, loving, and adoring of her little sister. Best moment thus far: When Esky was holding her next to me on the hospital bed, her second visit that day, and she looked up at me and said, "I love her."
  • I sure don't know it all, and all babies are different...but it feels so good to have more confidence this time - to happily bring my baby into my bed if I want (and I dooooo), to shower with her, and not stress for 3 months about whether I'm a bad mother for it.
  • Wouldn't you know I used up all of our bandwidth streaming a bi-annual church conference from home the weekend before Ivy's arrival (I wasn't excited about sittin' in the pews for four 2-hour sessions given the ah..."indications" I'd had labour was impending)? Now it takes an hour to upload each photo of her. And I like my photos. Okay, not an hour, but y'know, it's baaaad...what a hard life living in a world with high-speed internet and means to share images of my child with those afar virtually immediately... /eye roll at how good I've got it.
The neeeetty greeeeetty (name that movie):
...gross to some
  • No stitching! HUZZAH!
  • But minor tears...which make me wish I had a bidet right now.
  • I arrived to hospital fully dilated.
  • Starting nursing was so. much. easier.
  • But getting contractions while nursing is new. Sort of awesome to be reminded how intricately designed our bodies are. Sort of painful.
  • After the placenta came, I heard my midwife say, "Haki, are you okay?" and I looked over to see him slouched down in his chair with his hand over his eyes. He's such a trooper to rub my back and be so supportive through the entire show when he really struggles with so much of what comes with a baby's entry to this world.
Overall, my second labour, delivery and quick return home has been such a positive experience, comparatively. Cake-walk it will never be, but you've got to appreciate it when things go well; no complications, no intervention - spontaneous labour and healthy baby.

Life is glorious.
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