Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Emotional Health

P.S. Y'all are so sweet for offering words of comfort after yesterday's post. Thank you!

Milking you for pity wasn't my motivation for writing it, however, but rather because that's the way yesterday afternoon played out...and so that's what I wrote. I'm not pretending I write down everything as it is, but I do make efforts to frame some of my less glossy moments in type, else my crazy-happy fervour for life paints too unrealistic a picture of parenthood. That's not helpful.

I have emotional moments.
About tiny dents in compost buckets, no less. Thankfully they are short-lived, and gratitude and happiness frequently run concurrently.
I'm very fortunate they are short-lived.

Today has been dreamy - like 98% of my days are - Ivy slept while Esky and I carried wood in, started the fire, and roasted marshmallows. Ivy nursed while Esky and I read stories and sang along to a CD. Both girls slept at the same time for a stretch. Esky helped me vacuum, hang and fold laundry, wash dishes, and make the bed. I actually did those things. There was no crying, from either lass, except a brief whimper during the first nappy change of the day (cold wipes on a warm bod'). And I posted. Twice. And just when I feel like things couldn't be better, I just heard the door open. Haki's home early - and the sound of that door opening on a good day is just as sweet. Bye!
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