Friday, April 22, 2011

Number One's Almost Two: Moments to Remember

As big sister Esky approaches her second birthday, there are a number of things I want to be sure and remember about this time;
  • ...the way Esky sits in her high chair, gesturing, conducting and waving with one hand and eating with the other, as she sings entire songs from memory*; and
  • ...the way Esky immediately stops singing and cries, "Camera! Big smile!" whenever I approach armed and ready during such impromptu concerts.
  • ...the morning, in our morning family bed, she told me she was going to go and get a book, and then, as she slid down across the covers, she scooped up Lily and held her knitted elephant's eyes up in line with her own as she assertively whispered, "Wait here."
  • ...her impromptu place settings on the ottoman with two small chairs either side.
  • ...each occasion she has put the duck, Mr Trump (one of Ivy's baby toys) in "Time Out," explaining, "Duck made a bad choice."
  • she embraced Mr Trump after he had taken enough time to think about what he'd done.
  • rapidly and mercifully Esky's conversation has advanced leading up to Ivy's birth - allowing her to communicate so much more clearly what she is feeling and thinking about this dramatic change in her world. In addition to expressing her love for her sister, she regularly says, "I'm happy," and "Mama happy?" Also, the other day she set up camp outside the bathroom, knocked on the door, and then called, "Papa? Papa? After the toilet Papa come to Esky's room and do puzzles?" She eventually gave up - Haki can be a while.
  • ...or the other night, when she was almost asleep, the phone rang and then Haki answered it and quickly ended the call. Furrowing her brow she piped up, "Papa put the phone away and now it's quiet and no more ringing."
  • ...her instinctive love for our living prophet - as we watched conference through my early labour, Esky toted a Mini-Monson around and said, "Listen to the prophet," and "There's the prophet!" each time he came on screen. (We believe there is a living prophet today, and his name is Thomas S. Monson.)
  • she plans a day or part of one - listing all she sets out to do; "Go to the park and the libarary and then the supamartet and return DVDeees and then cuddles." We may or may not be going out that day - she may just be sitting on her toy car and pretending she's going for a drive to do these ritualistic things.
  • ...the nightly routine of naming each person in our family plaque going from, "Papa, Mama, Esky, Baby," to "Papa, Mama, Esky, Baby Ivy."
  • ...the "age of the tidy"; Esky still likes things clean, and will often use this in her defence if she does not come promptly when requested; "Book away, dinner aftaaaaah."
  • ...the peace and rich joy that washes over me as I watch her fall asleep. Every night I look at her I still feel happiness screaming inside my chest, "I can't believe I actually get to do this;" and
  • simultaneous gratitude that these relationships are forever.
  • she claims, "Ivy's" doughnut for naps and hangin' whenever it's available.
  • afternoon when I shared some tapas (okay, they were glorified corn chips) with Esky, and she intermittently left the room, then came back to ask, "More chips, please." After some time passed, I flagged Esky's rate of requesting "more chips" as rather high for one little human. "Esky, what are you doing?" Tipping her head for effect she answered, "Feeding the horse." I followed her;
*Memorised songs include: "ABCs", verses one and two of "Follow the Prophet," "I Am a Child of God," "Once There was a Snowman, " "Roll Your Hands," "Mother, Tell Me the Story," "Popcorn Popping," "Families Can Be Together Forever," and "Elmo's Song."

P.S. I could Photoshop out Esky's red spot on her face in the top image, but I wanna remember that as well; that was a pimple - the girl's a picker!
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