Monday, April 4, 2011

A Sci Fi Love-book

I just finished reading Delirium (recommended to me by Everyday Reading's Janssen - who astutely noted my penchant for fictional futures in ruins).

  • The writing. Ah - the writing!
  • The premise (= love has been ruled as a disease, and civilised society is cured of this infection in pursuit of a better, safer world).
  • The leading lady.
  • The "better, safer world."
  • The fabricated, introductory extracts which proceeded each chapter. Awesome.
  • Which leads right into my final love - the attention to detail - the implications, the small touches, the considerable thought put into creating a plausible dystopia to stand with the best of them - so intelligent.
  • The ending.
  • My teetering fear that, had someone other than Janssen recommended the novel, I was in for some serious frisky business. Every now and then I tensed, unsure if things were going where teenage hormones would see them go...but then I'd shake my head, refocus my eyes, and remind myself Janssen said I'd like it. And things didn't get too frisky. But there's no denying, Lauren Oliver is also randy.
  • The love story to other action ratio tipping so heavily towards the love story. I do enjoy some romance...but I also like it when a narrative charges on.
  • The overuse of the word "scrabbling." Petty, I know.
  • A little unnecessary cursing.
  • The prospect of the tale continuing after the ending I tolerated; I could live with this being a stand-alone novel.
I think it was a blend of The Host, The Giver and The Hunger Games - more eloquent than the first, as rich as the second, but less "oomph" than the last - but very much in the same juicy vein.
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