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Picture Book Round-up: A Classic, A Fun Abecediary, Yellow Propaganda, and a Darling Tuck-in Tale

Esky loves to read. Loves. She will sit and listen to 20 books back-to-back, if you're willing. The only thing stopping the readfest going on longer? Her physical appetite / interest in getting one of her "friends" to join you / accepting you have other things to do / need to collect and stockpile more books / wanting to "check on Ivy" (she checks all day).

It ticks me off I didn't start listing our favourites sooner. Thankfully I've already got Ivy a library card, so I get a second chance to sum-up our well-loved titles, pre-18 months. I hope I don't miss any. Yes, I will add Ivy's name to the leaning book in the header when the time comes. The time is not yet.

Some of Esky's favourite books of the past few months:

Who's Hiding? Satoru Onishi
This book is sensational. A crackerjack line-up of animal caricatures appear on each two-page spread...or not - the background colour of the page changes, causing some animals to "hide." On some pages, other minor changes to the illustration have been made, accompanied by questions such as, "Who's backwards?" and "Who's sleeping?" I want to buy it. For now, renewing will have to do. Borrow this from the library already, people.
Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy, Lynley Dodd
is yet to tire of Lynley Dodd's verse. If you're outside New Zealand, you may not have seen these little beauties - they're wonderfuuuuul. (Esky has each one we own memorised. We have most of them. See how I didn't say which ones we're missing? That's right, I've learned, you people have an overly-kind tendency to remedy such gaps in my library / life / collections / home. I won't have it. You spoil me, you good humans, you.)

Zoopa, Gianna Marion
is my favourite alphabet book thus far. Each page, a few more letters surface in the soup, along with animals to correspond with them. The illustrations are rad and clever and souper. See what I did there? Thank goodness for the glossary at the back - else I would have not known what the X-bird was. Now I do. I feel smart. Thank you, Zoopa.
Ten in the Bed, Penny Dale
sings this so enthusiastically, and the onomatopoeia is a-dorable, when rolling off of a toddler's lips. This was a bedtime staple after scripture reading for at least two weeks.
Kiss Good Night, Amy Hest
Another bedtime story favourite (both of these came in a bag of books - most of which are grand...although three of them I gave away - what's with bedtime tantrum books? Who wants to read those?), Kiss Goodnight Sam is something Esky can really relate to. Also memorised. Loved. Treasured.
Yellow is my Favourite Colour, Judy Horacek
This was one of Esky's first favourite books, and I think it helped me brainw...share my love of yellow with her, and prevent a tantrumy insistence on pink for however-many years. It's just so darn charming compared to all the other matter-of-fact colour books. This was great from 14 months up to 18, when she got all colour-wise on us.
I Love to Sing, Anna Walker
Books like these are a real papa-favourite - they're short, simple, and very sweet. Esky memorises them after two reads, and does most of the work thereafter. It's pretty much impossible to be too busy to "read" this one with your child.
Madeline, Ludwig Bemelmans
Not from the public library, but rather my childhood collection, Madeline is very "now" for Esky. I only ever possessed the original book. Recently, I got Madeline and the Gypsies out from the library. Ah! Have you read that? I redirected Esky's attention midway through when things started getting a little freaky-deaky. Maybe in a few years? Hmmm. But the first Madeline - solid.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Bill Martin Jr
What is not to love about this classic?  Teaching colours, pronouns, rhythm and more!  Esky reads this to herself, from memory too.

What are yourrrrr favourites for this age group?

P.S. Don't you love when books have in-built "games," with parents in mind? Such as looking for the mouse on each page in a Mercer Mayer book or in Kiss Good Night [Sam], finding a bird on each page in Yellow is my Favourite Colour, or finding each dog's tail leaving the page in the original Hairy Maclary? I do. 

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