Monday, May 23, 2011


While making tonight's dinner, I saw something buzzing in my peripheral vision. I kept cooking. Then the something buzzing came closer. Then it was in my hair...trapped.

I shook my head.

I didn't see it leave the vicinity.

It was time for more serious measures. I left to enlist Haki in determining where the tangled insect was and removing it, calling from the hall, "Ha-kiii?" Then, thinking better of it (since Haki isn't known for his cool head when it comes to small moving things), turned solo into the bathroom and examined my locks in the mirror.

I couldn't see a bug. Playing back what I'd seen, from memory, I decided it was probably a wasp. Maybe it was back in the kitchen, and I'd missed it vacating my noggin's airspace.

Haki joined me in the bathroom, looking concerned, answering my maiden-in-distress-call. I explained, "I think there's a wasp in my hair."

I twisted around so Haki could view the parts of my hair I could not in my reflection. Haki was about to dismiss my conclusion when he spied it - apparently - because he picked up a towel from the rack, and with a sweeping, swatting motion...punched me.

Yep. Right in the head.

And to think, I'd been worried about the injuries I might sustain by leaving the wasp in my hair.

NB: The man has virtually no control over his limbs when anything creepy or crawling is about his person...or his person's person. And yes, he was very apologetic.

Don't worry, I didn't need a bag of frozen peas, or time to pass to be able to laugh about it. I laughed then...good and hard.
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