Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coming Up For Air


This is why I am posting:

And miracle of miracles, I'm not seizing this opportunity to nap too - due to my hunky husband breaking Esky's fast this morning while I laid in with Ivy asleep on my chest.

I've got maybe half an hour of free hands here - give or take 25 minutes. So I'll type fast.

The First Three Weeks of Going Nuclear

No matter how hard I find rocking a crying (gassy) newborn, on next to no sleep (the sound crushes my heart), I remind myself at least 5-minutely I am crazy-blessed to be rocking a newborn at all. I'm a mother - me - I'm doing it! All of it. And tired or not, I'm grateful.
  • I knew I was getting a little on the sleep-deprived side when, while showering, I realised I was massaging body wash into my hair.
  • But I knew, overall, I was doing okay because I was showering.
  • "Operating on less than the optimal amount of sleep" is also what I'm going to go with as the explanation for how I locked my keys in the car (after an emergency nursing session in the passenger seat). Ivy was now with me - outside. In the cold. With a trolley-full of groceries. And my sick mother.
  • But hey - I was with a trolley-full of groceries. I snacked on dried cranberries and rocked Ivy to sleep. And it wasn't even raining.
  • And I have a complimentary AA membership from some service review work I conducted. Yus. I'm pretty sure the dudey they sent took a fifth of a second to break into Thimba.
  • I know I'm not the only one feelin' the lack-o'-sleep pinch - Haki brought Esky in for "morning cuddles" at 1:46am. She had been calling out, "Drink please." Quite different from, "Morning? Cuddles?" methinks.
  • He carried her back and explained the mix-up. Good-bye, kickadee. Only kind of miss you.
  • Esky's sick. Ba-bow.
  • Esky politely approaches me and says, "Tissue please," when she has a shiny snot trail cuttin' down her upper lip. Huuu-rah! She's so cute I want to nibble on her cheeks. I'll settle for rapid fire kissing.
  • I neglected to buy enough of a certain product essential to a woman's existence after pushing a baby out.
  • Haki had to buy me more. He sent me a text message that read (verbatim): "Sure, you'll need to tell me exactly what to get ... Name, brand, font type, colour of box, colour of text, colour of logo etc"
  • Today, for an hour or so, I thought it was Wednesday.
  • It's not, Americans. Not here.
  • Thanks to blessed Ural and time, the bathroom is less of a scary place.
  • A certain Sarah sent me a parcel with incredible gifts. I'm still reeling.
  • Another angel had flowers delivered to my door. In the wops.
  • And many others did other things that helped (be it taking out the trash, dropping off a dinner, putting away teaching resources after my lesson, gifting me nappies, alerting me to blog typos - all of it - I'm talking about you!). Thank you.

One of my alarm clocks just sounded.
I'll be back.
In a month or so.
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