Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eight Details at 8:00

  1. Haki's travelling for work again. A lot. I won't say when exactly, because I want the crazies to believe he could be here at any time...and I'll have you know, he packs a punch.
  2. I miss him. I'm wearing one of his shirts. I do that every time he goes away. I don't even plan to, or even think about it. I think it's pretty weird, but it happens every time.
  3. We instituted the "Magic Bedtime Drink Bottle" for Esky a couple of weeks ago. It resulted from establishing one of the main reasons we'd have to get out of bed each night; "Water please?" would sound across the hall. It's now kept in her bed corner, within her reach, and she waters herself. I am grateful this worked because, since Ivy's birth, Haki had been mostly responsible for any of Esky's waking...and with him being here not so much anymore, it's good to know some plastic and a special valve can save me a whole lot o' footwork when I'm already night-nursing. Yus.
  4. I received the best parcel in the universe in the mail this week. Best. It cushioned the blow of indefinitely Hans Solo-ing it for most of my days. I love everything hand-inscribed I get in the mailbox (thank you, mail angels!), but this particular box of goodies was manna from heaven, I tell you.
  5. Speaking of mail, my rural postie came to the door with some of my loveRRRly mail last week (as she does with anything requiring a signature), and I was dressed when I answered. In the morning. In something other than pyjamas. Duly, I pointed this out to her, to which she kindly replied, "I'd never noticed [you were usually in your pyjamas]." I don't believe her, but I like her 20 times more than I did before that latest visit. White lies can be like a present to an exhausted woman.
  6. I created a Fatso trial account for my dad, who stays with us on and off, so that I could use it.
  7. I am not making the most of this, in that I'm prone to passing out when I sit still too long.
  8. The 6-week mark is more magical than a birthday, to me - there's less of this and more of this. And this helps.
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